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Past Life Regression Therapy (or "PLR Therapy") is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations, though others in the mainstream scientific community regard them as fantasies or delusions or a type of confabulation.


Whether it's real or imagined, if it works towards improving a person's life or helps them overcome an irrational fear and actually works, then who am I to question its validity? This is a subject that I have been interested in, reading about and fascinated by since I was thirteen (13) years old. I believe this is an area of mind over matter which has been proven to yield actual results. And even if it's all an elaborate imagination, it should at the very least serve to cure a writer from writer's block!  


Dr. Brian L. Weiss is the foremost leading authority on the subject, having stumbled upon it during regression therapy with a client of his in the 1980s. Skeptical at first as a medical doctor and psychiatrist with a scientific background, he became a believer when his client started to pass along messages to Dr. Weiss from the other side about his deceased son and private family matters that there is no way his client could have known. This experience led to the best selling book Many Lives, Many Masters and decades of research on the subject to follow.


Whether you are interested in a recreational past life experience or you think something from a past life might be interfering with your present life and would like to explore it therapeutically, I will be happy to take you upon this inner journey through hypnosis. 


In addition to Past Life Regressions, we can also explore the Life Between Life stage and Future Life Progression in our sessions. It is advised that before exploring a LBL or FLP session, a successful Past Life Regression is had first. 



Rates & What you get: 


  • Past Life Regression, $240: 2 Hour session, guided back to a past life which is explored in depth from birth to death (in a completely safe environment, with no pain or emotional attachment). Session is recorded and an MP3 will be emailed to you. 

Many Lives, Many Masters

Evidence that supports past life theory

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